March 23, 2021
Tablet & iPad Cases for Schools

Wholesale Tablet and iPad Cases & Accessories for Schools and Education

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In a time of interactive learning, an increasing number of schools and educational facilities across the UK are choosing to provide students with tablets to enhance the learning environment.

Statistics say that 5-10% of all tablets and iPads are broken at some point at schools.This can lead to excessive repair and replacement costs when extrapolated out across many (often hundreds) of devices.

Broken iPad
5-10% Of school tablets end up broken.

Protecting your school’s tablets/iPads, and therefore your investment, is important—but with so many cases on the market, it can be hard to find the best option for your school at the right price for your budget.

We’ve put together this handy guide for schools looking to rollout tablets and tablet cases across their facility, to help you find the best option that fits your requirements.

What types of tablet cases are available for schools?

The tablet and accessory market are filled with thousands of different types of cases. Some with built in screen protectors and fancy stands, other simpler wallet and screen cover designs.

Choosing the right tablet case for your school can be a minefield—so here’s our top selection of tablet cases that are most popular with schools and education:

1. Rugged tablet & iPad cases for schools

We all know that students use tablets at school frequently, and the with heavy daily usage and often little care for the devices, protection should be the number one priority.

With rugged tablet cases, you get the most robust form of security for your fragile devices. With a rugged case, your school can safeguard your tablets, and therefore your investment.

Rugged tablet & iPad case for schools
Rugged tablet & iPad cases for schools

There are lots of different types of rugged tablet and iPad cases available, it can be hard to know which one is best. Here are some features of rugged tablet cases to look out for:

  • Bumper corners for added drop protection
  • Built-in screen protectors
  • Bumper-lip above the screen for extra screen security
  • Built-in straps or stands for ease of use
  • Extra grip material to prevent accidental drops

The best way to decide which tablet case is right for your school is to have a look at some of the above features, and decide which is most important to you. Our team are here to help you find the right rugged case for your school’s tablets, making sure you get the most protection at the best price.

2. Integrated keyboard cases for schools

A great accessory to any tablet or iPad is a keyboard. With an external keyboard, students can type quicker and with higher precision than using a tablet’s software keyboard.

Keyboard cases are particularly helpful for those school students who need to produce coursework, or who do not have access to a laptop or computer during the lesson.

While keyboard cases are typically a little more sensitive to the everyday wear and tear associated with use at a school, they still do provide good protection to your school's tablets and iPads—any protection is better than none.

Tablet & iPad cases with keyboards for schools
Tablet & iPad cases with keyboards for schools

There are so many different keyboard cases available to schools. Some with integrated keyboards, others with wireless or bluetooth keyboards. If you’re looking for tablet or iPad keyboard cases for your school, get in touch with one of our account managers who will be able to provide a list of what’s best for your requirements, and fits within your school’s budget.

3. Tablet & iPad screen protectors

It’s no secret that the most vulnerable part of any tablet or device is the screen. Giving school students a big glass slab is bound to end in accidental scratches, scrapes and even smashes.

In our experience, screen protection is one of the most important factors when choosing your device cases. Some cases have built in screen protectors, others don’t, so it’s important to know which one you’re getting.

The other thing to consider is the level of protection. There are several different types of screen protector, these include:

  • Tempered glass screen protectors

Tempered glass offers your school’s tablets and iPads the most protection against wear and tear. With different levels of hardness available, tempered glass screen protectors are more rugged than traditional plastic ones, but they can also be a little more costly—but why skimp when it comes to protecting an expensive tablet or iPad.

Tempered glass is great for those tablets that will be used in lots of different environments. From outward bound classes, to classroom learning.

  • Plastic screen protectors

The standard plastic screen protectors have been around for years. They offer a moderate level of protection against the scratches and scrapes that come with the heavy usages we see in schools. 

Although they’re not as robust as their tempered glass counterpart, they’re a great option for tablets and iPads that are mainly classroom based.

Screen protector for school tablet and iPads
Screen protectors for school tablets and iPads

With so many different size tablets and iPads on the market, you need to make sure you’re getting the right size screen protector for your device’s make/model. This is something our team will help you with when choosing your accessories. We can even put together packages with free screen protectors included, to keep your costs low.

4. IP68 Waterproof tablet cases for schools

Tablets and iPads are a great asset for schools; not just in the classroom, but also for outward bound classes, PE, school trips and other active lessons. If students are using their tablets and iPads when they’re not in the classroom, then there is an extra level of protection that needs to be considered.

IP68 waterproof cases are extra robust, wipe-clean and offer some of the highest levels of protection to your tablets and iPads.

IP68 Waterproof tablet & iPad cases for schools
IP68 Waterproof tablet & iPad cases for schools

However, something to consider is that IP68 waterproof cases are often more expensive than their ‘non-IP’ rated counterparts, so they may not be suitable for a large scale rollout across the entire school. But if you’re looking for that further level of protection, IP68 is the way to go.

5. Tablet and iPad wallet cases/covers for schools

If your school is looking for something a little less ‘rugged’, then a wallet case is the ideal option. Offering slightly less protection than traditional rugged cases, but still with enough covering to protect your schools tablets and iPads from everyday bumps.

Many wallet cases also come with built in screen covers, which can act as a stand for when the students need to display their iPad or tablet on the table. These wallet cases work best if paired with a screen protector, as this offers an additional level of protection without adding bulk to the device.

Wallet cases for school tablets & iPads
Wallet cases for school tablets & iPads

Where can you get bulk tablet/iPad cases for your school?

Bytes Digital provide a range of tablet and iPad cases and accessories to schools and educational organisations across the UK. From IP68 cases to screen protectors, rugged cases and silicone cases too.

We understand that school budgets can be tight, and keeping costs low while finding high quality cases and accessories for your tablets and iPads is a difficult task. When trying to find wholesale tablet and iPad cases, the options are limitless—and that’s why we’re here to help.

Other tech accessories for schools

It’s might not be just tablet and iPad cases that your school requires. With schools providing students and staff with more technology than ever before, other accessories are becoming important. Examples of some other tech accessories for schools include:


Things such as keyboards, mice, monitors, printers and the like are often hard to source in large quantities. To help reduce your IT rollout costs, it may be that using a wholesale supplier like is is the best way to go. We take the headache out of IT sourcing and offer reduced pricing on bulk items.

Networking accessories

Keeping your staff and students connected is very important, and can often require lots of network cabling and infrastructure. As a supplier of technology products and accessories, we’re able to source a range of networking accessories for schools at wholesale pricing.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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