June 10, 2022
Temporary Trade Show/Exhibition WiFi Hire - Explained

Temporary Trade Show/Exhibition WiFi Hire - Explained

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Trade shows and exhibitions are expensive and time consuming events that can be highly rewarding if maximised correctly. Part of maximising your return on investment is ensuring you have everything you need for your stand to run smoothly.

As technology becomes ever more embedded in every industry, the chances are you’ll need some form of WiFi connectivity at your trade show stand or event. That’s where our temporary WiFi hire boxes come into play…

What is Trade Show/Exhibition WiFi?

When you visit a large exhibition centre, the public WiFi can be slow, insecure and expensive—not ideal for those who rely on a good connection at their trade show stand!

Our exhibition and trade show WiFi hire solution provide your event team with their own dedicated and secure WiFi network for your booth. They can connect their devices (laptops, tablets, mobiles, PDQ machines and even printers and smart screens) just like they would at home or in the office.

Our trade show WiFi boxes have been tried and tested in locations such as ExCeL in London, NEC in Birmingham and many more venues across the country.

Trade Show/ Exhibition WiFi
Temporary WIFi Hire Boxes

Using our custom-built equipment, your team will have peace of mind that their devices will be completely separate from the venues public network. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Totally separate from public venue WiFi
  • Added security with your own WiFi network
  • Totally unlimited 4G/5G data for your hire
  • More reliable than public networks
  • LAN ports available for wired connections
  • Capable of supporting hundreds of devices at your exhibition stand
  • Remotely monitored and supported by our UK-based, in-house team

How Does Temporary Trade Show WiFi Work?

Our temporary exhibition/trade show WiFi solutions use the UK’s 4G and 5G data networks and our custom-built business-grade WiFi equipment to provide your stand or booth with a reliable WiFi signal—even across a large area.

Wifi Hire Box Comparison
Wifi Hire Box Comparison

All you’ll need at your trade show stand or booth is a single standard UK power outlet, and our equipment does the rest—it’s that simple.

Our temporary trade show and exhibition WiFi boxes are incredibly straightforward. They come pre-configured and ready to go, with no installation required—we call it ‘plug and play’.

How To Hire Temporary WiFi at Your Trade Show or Exhibition.

We’ve put together some hand steps to show you how easy it is to hire one of our temporary WiFi boxes for your event.

1. Let Bytes Digital know your event location and stand size

If you can provide us with the location of your event, and the size of the area which you’re looking to cover with WiFi (10m x 10m for example); we can ensure maximum reliability and coverage.

We have a couple of different WiFi hire options available, and our team make sure to recommend the right one for your exhibition stand.

2. We’ll look into the coverage for you

Our technical team will have a look at the coverage available in your event’s location. We have software and tools that allow us to find nearby cell masts, and we can find the best network (whether that’s O2, Vodafone, EE or Three), to use for your equipment. With a secondary backup network as a failover.

Cell Coverage Check
Our software shows advanced coverage checks

For example, this is the NEC in Birmingham (a popular venue for exhibitions and trade shows).

3. Book your WiFi hire

Once we’ve found the best network (and the second-best network for a backup!), you can book your hire period in and reserve the equipment for your event.

4. We’ll ship you a pre-configured WiFi hire box

Our team configure the equipment for you and package it up ready for shipment. Most of our trade show customers choose to have the equipment sent to their office or home address a few days before the exhibition or trade show; so they can take it with them when they setup.

Next-day courier is included free of charge for our customers.

5. Plug the equipment into power

When you’re ready to use the equipment, all you’ll need to do is plug it into power. Everything is pre-configured and ready to go right away. The box will take 1-2 minutes to turn on fully.

6. Connect your devices

Simply connect your devices as you would a normal WiFi network. You can even cable up to 3 LAN connections into the boxes for added reliability if required.

7. Prepare the box for collection

Once your trade show or exhibition is over, just close the box and put the shipping label sent by Bytes Digital onto the box. Our courier will come and collect it from your chosen collection address.

And that’s it. Nice and simple. WiFi connectivity doesn’t have to be complicated.

Trade Show & Exhibition WiFi Hire FAQ

Here's some of the most frequently asked questions about our exhibition and trade show WiFi hire solution.

How much data will I get?

As much as you need—it’s totally unlimited data for the duration of the hire. And there’s no overage. 

Does it work everywhere?

Mostly. We have access to all four of the UK’s main networks—which means that as long as you have some kind of 4G signal (on any network), you’ll have connectivity. Even if the signal is patchy, our equipment includes high-gain antennas to give you that extra boost!

How much does WiFi hire cost?

It depends on how long you need the connectivity for, and which option you go with. Press the online quote button at the top of the page for an accurate quotation.

What devices can I connect?

Pretty much anything. As long as you can connect it to a regular WiFi network (like in a home or office), then it’ll work with our WiFi boxes. You can connect mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, smart displays and even smart devices.

Will it work for PDQ machines and card terminals?

Yep, you can connect PDQ terminals and card machines to our boxes (as long as it’s a WiFi enabled card machine, obviously). This is one of the most common applications for our WiFi boxes at trade shows/exhibitions.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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