April 28, 2021
Can You Hire WiFi For An Event?

Can You Hire WiFi For An Event?

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When your business holds an event, whether it’s a trade show, festival or corporate do, the main priority is ensuring guests have a great experience.

Providing internet connectivity is often an afterthought when planning an event, but is often a vital part of guest experience. Slow and unreliable internet can cause guest frustration.

Can You Hire WiFi For An Event?

If you need temporary WiFi at your event, then WiFi hire solution is a great option. Hiring WiFi for your event allows you to provide reliable internet connectivity to attendees and staff.

Temporary WiFi for events
Temporary WiFi for events

If you’re holding an event, then hiring a portable WiFi solution is a much more viable option compared to the fixed-line alternatives.

Our temporary 4G WiFi solution has been used hundreds of times, all across the UK. With access to all the major network operators, we can provide your event WiFi with the strongest available network for your area.

Using our temporary WiFi solution, many businesses have provided their guests with connectivity throughout their event. The beauty is that our solution can be hired for very short terms. Whether you need it for a day, a week or even a year, we’re very flexible.

What is temporary event WiFi?

But, how does it work I hear you ask? Our temporary WiFi solution uses the UK’s 4G network and commercial-grade hardware to provide your event with reliable and stable internet connectivity.

Temporary Event WiFi Diagram
Temporary Event WiFi Diagram

Even if you’re inside a building, or in an area with low connectivity, our omni-directional 4G external antenna boosts the signal to your router. Our event WiFi solution truly has UK-wide coverage—from Scotland to Cornwall.

Benefits of event WiFi hire.

Hiring WiFi for your event has so many benefits to your business. From reliability to cost reduction and portability.


We all know how annoying poor WiFi can be. Your event’s staff and attendees shouldn’t have to suffer with the same frustrations.

While some event venues do provide WiFi access, this is often through a highly congested (and sometimes insecure) network with poor speeds and reliability. By hiring our WiFi solution for your event, you’ll have your own little network, which keeps you connected.


With a temporary WiFi solution in place, you can reduce your costs. There’s no need for a permanent broadband line or costly installation. Just plug and play.

That’s what makes our event WiFi solution so great. It works seamlessly without the need for any expensive infrastructure, or even a long term contract...


If you’re running an event, then it’s likely that you won’t need WiFi for a long time. Hiring WiFi prevents you being tied into long contracts. You can even hire it for just a day or two.

These short term hires keep costs low and ensure minimal disruption to your day. You just plug in the router, connect your devices and pack it up when you’re done. Easy as that.


We understand that some events are flexible and ever changing. With portable WiFi hire, your event can continue no matter where. If you need to move your event, just move the WiFi with you. 

Which type of events is temporary WiFi best for?

There are so many different types of events that our temporary event WiFi solution is great for, but these are the ones we find most common.

Exhibitions/Trade Shows

If your business is holding an exhibition, chances are you’re going to have lots of people visiting your stand. With our event WiFi solution, you can say goodbye to the slow, congested network of your exhibition centre.

Why no impress these prospects with a sleek demonstration of your services without worrying about buffering and network congestion. 

You could even use our temporary WiFi to setup a laptop and printer, to print bespoke quotations or information out to visitors of your booth. With your own standalone, reliable network, you can take your exhibition booth to the next level and impress prospects and increase conversions.

Business Trade Show
Business Trade Show


There’s nothing quite like the open air of a festival. But the open air locations fo festivals often prove challenging when it comes to WiFi and broadband infrastructure.

With our event WiFi solution, all you need is a single power outlet and you’ll have reliable, strong and secure WiFi for your team.

With our temporary WiFi, your staff can manage tickets, send emails, browse the web and stay connected throughout the event. This is particularly useful for checking in guests and keeping an open communication line to the outside world.

Temporary WiFi for festivals
Get WiFi at your festival

Corporate events

We all know how important it is to impress clients and prospects with corporate events. With event venues provide slow, often insecure WiFi. Our temporary event WiFi solution provides your team with the connectivity they need to ensure the event is running smoothly.

Things like online demonstrations, emails and web browsing are vital for modern corporate events.

Our solution is particularly helpful for outside corporate events, where there is no WiFi or broadband infrastructure in place. With only a single power socket required, our event WiFi is straightforward and can be used anywhere.

There are lots of things that can be logistically challenging during an event, and so many things to get right. Don’t let poor WiFi be a headache for attendees and staff. Our solution takes the worry out of your connectivity, and lets you focus on running and enjoying your event.

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