September 10, 2020
The Different Kinds of Business Mobile Phone Packages

What Are Different Kinds of Business Mobile Phone Packages?

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There are many different kinds of business mobile packages on the market today, it can be hard to find the right one for your business.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the different kinds of mobile packages on offer to businesses—from SIM only to pooled data and handset packages.

SIM only Packages

The most common type of business mobile package is a SIM only tariff. SIM only packages are exactly what they say on the tin—they’re mobile tariffs that do not come with a physical mobile phone.

These SIM only packages offer businesses includes minutes, texts and data allowances. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, because every use is different. So we listen to our clients requirements, and find a SIM only package to suit them and their business.

SIM only packages also give greater freedom when it comes to contract lengths. Because there is no financing of a mobile phone, you might find a SIM only package with a shorter contract term.

It is quite common for businesses to purchase mobile phones outright, and then put a SIM only tariff in each of these mobiles. The reason why SIM only packages are popular, is because they often have a lower monthly cost than SIM and handset tariffs.


Lower monthly cost

Flexible contract lengths


Upfront cost for mobile phones

You might need to unlock your existing mobile phones

SIM and Handset packages

Another common type of business mobile package is a SIM and device tariff. SIM and device tariffs include both airtime (calls/texts/data) and a physical mobile phone. This means that your business doesn’t have to buy new handsets outright.

SIM and handset packages are typically more common with consumers, as they often want the latest, more expensive handsets. That being said, some businesses do choose SIM and handset tariffs, as it does reduce the capital outlay associated with new handsets.

That being said, your business may find that the directors and managers/executive staff might want a high-end device. This is quite common and this is where a SIM and handset package comes into its own.


No capital outlay on handsets

Handsets come with network already set


Longer contract terms

Higher monthly cost

Business mobile package
SIM and handset tariffs provide your business with mobile phones as well as SIM cards

Pooled Tariffs

A less common type of business mobile package is a pooled tariff. A pooled mobile tariff has access to a shared pot of data. Each tariff can use an amount from the pot of data, rather than their own individual allowance.

These types of tariff are specifically designed for businesses with quite a few users. For example, if you had 20 on-the-road engineer, who needed data, you could have a pooled 20GB package between them. This means that if a couple of users go over 1GB, and a couple of users don’t use 1GB, then it will average out and prevent excess call charges.

Pooled tariffs are more common among industries that have multiple individuals using similar amounts of data. A common use of a pooled tariff is a construction site with multiple users. Or a business with lots of engineers out and about who can pull from the pooled pot.


No bill shock

Better use of existing data


Only effective if you have lots of users

Hard to know how much data you’ll need

Mobile Broadband Packages

A mobile broadband package is a tariff that gives the user access to lots of monthly data, with minimal texts and minutes. Mobile broadband packages are gaining in popularity due to the increased use of web-based communication.

With many businesses choosing to use services such as Slack, WhatsApp and VoIP to keep in touch with their colleagues, customers and prospects, we found that mobile broadband packages are becoming increasingly common.

The focus on data, rather than texts and minutes, means that your business doesn’t need to worry about bolt-ons or out of bundle charges for data.


Better for web-based applications


Requires good 3G/4G/5G for web-based apps to work correctly

Mobile broadband packages for business tablets
Mobile broadband packages work great with tablets

Mix and match packages

Why not mix and match your businesses mobile packages? Every business I different, and that means that your tariffs should be too. It is quite common to choose a mixture of multiple packages, a few for directors, a few for office staff, a few for sales staff etc.

This is by far the most common use of business mobiles. With multiple packages in one business mobile account, it gives you greater freedom with your mobile communications.

There’s not one-size-fits-all business mobile package. That’s why we take time to understand all of our clients, crafting a business mobile solution around their requirements. Whether you need 5 or 500 tariffs, we help you to get the best deal for your company. Get in touch for a free, no obligations review of your business mobiles.

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