January 10, 2023
VoIP Installations & Phone Systems in Bristol

VoIP Installations & Phone Systems in Bristol

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Hundreds of businesses across the UK are moving their communications and telephony to IP, cloud-based solutions such as VoIP.

As ultrafast FTTP broadband is being rolled out across Bristol and the South West, we’re helping businesses in Bristol upgrade their communications and phone systems to the cloud.

Based just down the M5 in the seaside town of Clevedon, our expert team have already supported businesses across the Bristol area in migrating their telephony to VoIP.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP, and is the modern method for making and receiving telephone calls. VoIP uses your businesses existing broadband connection for call traffic, meaning that you don’t need multiple telephone lines running simultaneously.

Read our more detailed explanation of how a VoIP call works here.

VoIP telephone systems run in the cloud, which means there is no need for costly on-site hardware, long term leases or expensive maintenance agreements.

A huge benefit of VoIP is the flexibility, with mobile apps and soft phones available to enable seamless home or remote working. Hundreds of businesses are moving across to cloud telephony to improve their flexibility and reduce running costs.

VoIP Mobile App Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex is an Industry leading VoIP App supplied by Bytes Digital

What we’re finding when visiting businesses in Bristol is that they often still have a physical ‘box on the wall’ telephone system such as a Samsung, NEC, Mitel or LG. These phone systems commonly utilise old technology, such as ISDN, which is being switched off in 2025.

Many of these businesses are opting to move their communications to the cloud, and using a local provider such as Bytes Digital ensures that you’re looked after throughout the transition process and into the future with local technicians and support.

SS Great Britain in Bristol

VoIP Installation in Bristol

When upgrading to VoIP, many of our clients choose for an installation from one of our engineers. Because we’re based in Clevedon, just one junction down from Bristol, our team are able to offer cost-effective installation of your new telephone system.

Often, when you upgrade to a new phone system, there will be some new telephones to setup and install, and possibly some data cabling too. All of this can be organised by our local, Bristol-based engineers, who take great pride in their work, as you can see below!

Comms Cabinet Tidy
We've helped improve Bristol Businesses comms like this

FREE Telecoms Review for Businesses in Bristol

If your business is based in Bristol, our technical team are offering a free review of your existing telecom setup, along with your broadband and other connectivity.

We’ve visited businesses across Bristol, helping them better understand their communications, and move their business to VoIP.

Businesses in Bristol are already benefiting from:

  • Reduced running costs
  • Future-proof telecoms
  • Faster broadband speeds
  • Moving their technology to the cloud
  • Local support from our team based just outside of Bristol

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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