March 19, 2020
What are the benefits of 4G WiFi?

What are the benefits of 4G WiFi?

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More and more businesses are beginning to utilise 4G LTE WiFi instead of traditional, fixed line broadband.

What is 4G WiFi?

As you might have already guessed, 4G WiFi is an alternative to fixed-line broadband that uses the UK’s 4G cellular data network to connect your devices to the internet.

Our 4G solution uses a specially designed, industrial grade 4G router to provide broadband connectivity for up to 25 staff. Businesses that need more device connections can have multiple routers.

What are the benefits of 4G WiFi?

Using a 4G connection instead of a fixed line has a whole host of benefits, including portability, flexibility and lower roll out times.


Arguably the main benefit of 4G WiFi is its portability. The beauty of a small, compact 4G router is that you can take it anywhere. So if you’re on the move, your WiFi can come with you. This is ideal for industries such as railway workers, who move along the line as they go.


4G WiFi is also incredibly flexible. It can be used in a wide variety of situations by all different types of business. From disaster recovery to construction, home working and more. Because of the aforementioned portability of 4G WiFi, it is not tied down to any specific geographic region. This means that it can quickly and easily adapt to any environment.

Rollout Speed

Traditional fixed line broadband has a lead time of around 10-14 days. This means that it often takes two weeks to get a full broadband set up complete. But this is not the case with 4G WiFi. Because the solution requires no line provisioning or rollout, it can be dispatched in as little as 24 hours, fully set up and ready to go.

Cost saving

Saving money is always an important part of business. We know that keeping costs down is important. Because it doesn’t have long 24 month contract periods, our 4G WiFi solution is a very cost effective option.

Who might use 4G WiFi?

You might think that a 4G WiFi solution isn’t the right solution for your business. But you’d be surprised. There are so many different applications of 4G WiFi including:


4G WiFi is ideal for construction sites. With short lead times, great portability and no geographic restrictions, our 4G WiFi solutions is perfect for construction sites. In fact it’s so perfect that it’s in use in the UK’s largest construction site.

Disaster Recovery

Losing broadband connectivity is a very big issue for businesses. The last thing any business needs is a broadband outage, which often leads to loss in productivity and even a missing out on potential business. Implementing a 4G disaster recovery solution allows your business to continue as normal, even if your broadband is down.

Remote workers

Working from home or remote working is another use of 4G WiFi. Businesses may wish to issue staff with their own 4G router, which they can use to connect to the internet while they’re working away from the office.

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