October 14, 2020
What is Machine 2 Machine (M2M)?

What is Machine 2 Machine (M2M)?

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Machine to machine communication is a great way for businesses to streamline their workflow and processes, and reduce their overheads.

But machine 2 machine can be a complicated subject—so we’re here to break it down and help you understand more about M2M and how your business can benefit from it’s immense capabilities.

What is Machine 2 Machine (M2M)?

Machine 2 Machine, also known as M2M, is a form of communication that relays data between two devices. M2M uses a wired or wireless connection to send small packets of information, this is often over the internet or via a VPN connection.

The most common use of M2M is to communicate between sensors and servers. Sensors capture data and then send it over an M2M connection. This data is often sent to a centralised location where it can be interpolated and analysed.

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Chances are, you’ve used a form of machine 2 machine communication without even knowing it. Devices such as Amazon Alexa’s, smart lights, or smart home hubs use machine 2 machine to connect and send information over the internet.

Of course, this is a very low-usage, commercial form of M2M communication—whereas other examples of M2M range from industrial machinery to smart cities and even autonomous cars.

How does Machine 2 Machine Work?

The actual premise of machine 2 machine is very simple, data is sent from one device (usually over an internet connection), to another device. This is normally done using a fixed-IP SIM card which is inserted into the device.

Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Diagram
Machine 2 Machine Diagram

These fixed-IP SIM cards create a secure M2M connection between the devices. Fixed-IP SIMs can also receive data in the form of commands—meaning that you can remotely command and control M2M enabled devices.

This form of M2M communication uses the UK’s 4G LTE network to transfer data. Our fixed-IP SIMs connect to the strongest available network in your area, allowing you to maintain a strong fixed connection.

A bit more technical…

If you want to get a bit more technical, M2M communication uses a fixed IP address to enable the and receiving of packet data. This included both sending data to another device or server, or receiving commands from a user.

Setting up a machine 2 machine communication network is a big task—especially for businesses with several devices. However, we’ll make sure to understand your business, and create an M2M solution that bets fits with your business.

Who uses Machine 2 Machine?

M2M communications are used by a variety of businesses all across the UK. From Prolectric's solar lighting towers to fleet management solutions.

As the use of machine 2 machine communication grows rapidly, more and more businesses in different sectors are utilising M2M. Healthcare workers are relaying patient data over M2M networks to monitor vitals, manufacturing industries are using machine 2 machine to streamline their production lines and logistics companies are using M2M robots to pick and pack items.

M2M In logistics
Machine 2 Machine can be used in logistics

What is the difference of the IoT and M2M?

Another phrase you might have heard of is ‘internet of things’ or ‘IoT’. The internet of things is the term used to refer to the network of connections between M2M devices. In other words, machine 2 machine devices use the internet of things to transfer their data between devices.

M2M enabled devices establish a secure connection to the IoT, where they can send data to and from each device. Unlike the regular internet, you cannot access the IoT without speciality equipment or M2M communications.

Businesses across the UK are utilising machine 2 machine communications to help improve their operations and reduce running costs. Whether its manufacturing, construction or industrial, M2M can help your business in so many ways.

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