June 2, 2020
20 Reasons Why VoIP Is Good For Small Businesses

20 Reasons Why VoIP Is Good For Small Businesses

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As the UK moves towards a digital Britain, many small businesses are choosing to move their telephony to cloud based VoIP solutions.

VoIP telephone systems (often referred to as hosted PBX, hosted cloud, cloud PBX or hosted VoIP) are taking small businesses by storm, helping small business owners make their business more efficient and reduce their running costs.

Here are our top 20 reasons why your small business should switch to a VoIP telephone system:

1. Cost saving

Arguably the best reason why a VoIP phone system is good for a small business is because of its cost saving measures. VoIP is considerably cheaper than the traditional on-premise PBX—meaning that you can reduce your small businesses running costs.

2. Higher quality voice

Because VoIP uses the internet to transmit your voice calls, it provides better quality speech compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

3. More mobile

VoIP has mobility at its core. It provides small businesses with features such as the mobile app—which allows you to take your telephone system with you, wherever you go.

4. Future proof

When you’re investing in a new telephone system for your small business, ensuring that its future proof should be top priority. We provide small businesses across the UK with a robust, future proof telephone system that they can rely on.

5. More features

When you switch to VoIP, you’ll unlock a world of features, from click to dial integrations, to mobile apps, voicemail to email, hunt groups, auto attendants and more.

6. No call charges

Our VoIP platform gives small businesses 5,000 free UK minutes per user. This means that you’re unlikely to have any call charges at all—helping you keep your costs down.

7. Easily scalable

VoIP is one of the most scalable telephony platforms out there. It provides you with the ability to quickly and easily add users as your small business grows.

8. Easy migration

You can easily migrate your small business to VoIP. By porting your telephone numbers over, we can ensure that you suffer minimal to no downtime and that you’re up and running quickly and easily.

9. No maintenance costs

VoIP doesn’t require maintenance. Because it uses a cloud platform, your VoIP telephone system can be maintained without a costly maintenance contract and site visits.

10. Free upgrades

Are you noticing a theme? VoIP provides free upgrades, so your system will always be the latest and greatest. Upgrades don’t even require a site visit—they just happen in the cloud.

11. In-house support

This might be unique to us, but we provide out small business customers with in-house, UK based support for their telephone system. No call centres, no faff.

12. No costly telephone lines

Switching to VoIP allows your small business to remove the need for multiple telephone lines, instead using your broadband connection for both voice and web traffic.

13. More integration

Our VoIP telephone system easily integrates with all the major software platforms, from Salesforce to Sage and Microsoft Outlook.

14. Moving to IP connectivity

Moving to IP is a great step for your small business. Many thousands of businesses across the UK have already made the move, so why not join them?

15. Ready for the ISDN switch off

In 2025, the UK is switching off its ISDN network, which means that all businesses will need to be IP-ready by then. The good news is that switching your small business to our VoIP platform means that you’ll be IP ready in no time.

16. Remote working capabilities

Using VoIP allows small businesses to make use of remote and home workers. If your small business has people working from home, then utilising a cloud solution makes it easier and simpler than ever.

17. More customisable

VoIP telephone systems are more customisable than traditional on-premise solutions. They can be configured to your small business requirements, and tweaked and adjusted as your business grows.

18. Make better use of your existing broadband

You already pay for a broadband connection—so why not make better use of it with a VoIP telephone system? With VoIP, you broadband carried both your voice and data connectivity.

19. Full call controls

Controlling your calls is important. VoIP provide versatile, easy to use call controls for your business, ensuring that your customers and prospects get the best over the phone experience.

20. Softphone app

And finally, our VoIP platform comes with softphone apps. Perfect for those small businesses that don’t want deskphones, and instead want to make use of hot desking and mobility features.

So there you have it. That’s 20 reasons why you should at least consider VoIP for your small business.

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