September 2, 2020
How Fast is a Leased Line?

How Fast is a Business Leased Line?

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Broadband connectivity is vital for most businesses. Ensuring your connected and running smoothly allows staff to be more productive and keeps your businesses as streamlined as possible.

Leased lines are truly the pinnacle of connectivity. They provide unrivalled speeds and 99.99% uptime, meaning that they’re a great investment for businesses with heavy reliance on their internet and broadband connectivity.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a fibre broadband connection that connects your business directly to the nearest fibre optic connection. Leased lines provide a fully dedicated broadband connection, that is not shared with any other nearby businesses.

Leased Line Diagram
Leased Line Diagram

As you can see, leased lines are fully dedicated—meaning that your broadband connection is unimpeded by ‘peak’ traffic times or high network usage spikes.

The beauty of having a dedicated leased line connection also gives you greater flexibility when it comes to costs. You can control the exact amount of speed that you need, and therefore the cost of your leased line. If you need more speed, the line can just be increased without the need for any installation or physical maintenance.

How fast are leased lines?

Leased lines are by far the fastest form of broadband connectivity, reaching speeds of up to 10Gbps (that’s 10,000Mbps). However, you can adjust a leased line to a speed that suits your business. Leased lines can be adjusted to speeds such as 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps. This gives you greater freedom with your businesses connectivity.

Leased line speeds
Leased Line Speeds

Because leased lines are synchronous, the upload speed is the same as the download speed. This contrasts with ‘normal’ broadband connectivity which is asynchronous—with upload speeds significantly lower than download speeds.

With a leased line, your business is guaranteed a minimum speed. Because the line is dedicated, this means that incoming and outgoing traffic is free to pass through and is unlikely to find congestion. Having this dedicated line helps guarantee that you’re going to get great speeds all the time.

How does a leased line work?

Think of it like a motorway. ‘Normal’ broadband is like a regular motorway, with each lane going to a separate premises. If there is lots of traffic, then the motorway can become congested and slow.

However, a leased line is like having your own multi-lane motorway built, where you have exclusive access to all of the lanes, with no other traffic impeding your speed.

As you might imagine, having your own ‘motorway’ is a huge asset to your business.

Benefits of a leased line.

Being the fastest and most premium form of broadband connectivity obviously comes with it’s benefits…

1. Faster broadband speed

Arguably, the biggest benefit of a leased line is the speed. With a totally dedicated line, the minimum speed of your leased line is guaranteed, and can be adjusted as your business grows. Whether you need 100Mbps or 10Gbps.

2. Very reliable connectivity

There is no way to overstate the importance of connectivity to a business. Having a reliable and fast internet connection provides your business with a great platform for communication and business operations.

3. Cost effective

Leased lines can be a very cost effective option for businesses. They are especially effective if your business uses a VoIP phone system with lots of users. Leased lines are also a very cost effective solution for businesses that place a heavy reliance on their internet connectivity.

Leased lines are one of the fastest and most reliable forms of business connectivity. With leased lines being available to any business in the UK, and up to £2,500 off of your leased line installation, it is no wonder that they’re so popular.

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