October 11, 2021
10 Ways to Reduce Your Business Telecoms Bill

10 Ways to Reduce Your Business Telecoms Bill

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Telephone systems, broadband, mobiles and other connectivity is a necessary expense for every business, but that doesn’t mean that you should be spending over the odds.

With so many providers and solutions on the market place, it is hard to decide which option is best for your business—particularly if you’re working to a budget.

Here are our top 10 tips to reducing your business telephone bill.

1. Remove unwanted items from your bill

Often, large telecoms companies add unwanted items to customer’s bills. This includes additional services that can be unexpected and unwanted. Added additional services on your telephone bill means that your businesses running costs are higher than predicted, causing knock on effects with your budgeting.

Part of our ‘plain simple billing’ is our honest promise. We never add additional, unwanted items to our customer’s bill—keeping it simple for all of our customers.

2. Avoid call charges with VoIP

5 Years ago, call charges were a big part of telephony costs; but with the invention and rollout of VoIP (voice over IP) communications, call charges have been all but eliminated.

VoIP Diagram
VoIP Vs Telephone Lines Diagram

With VoIP, your business can make better use of your existing broadband connection. By sending both voice and data traffic down your VoIP connection. This VoIP traffic doesn’t come with the conventional call charges associated with a fixed telephone line.

In fact, our VoIP packages have 5,000 FREE UK minutes per user—which gives you peace of mind of little to no overage charges for UK calls.

Moving your business to VoIP also allows you to remove your multiple telephone lines, and all of their associated costs.

3. Move to a hosted telephone system

A hosted telephone system is a great way to reduce your business telecoms bill. Hosted telephone systems are cloud-based systems, designed to operate in the exact same way as a traditional on-premise PBX telephone system. 

Yealink VoIP Phones
Yealink VoIP Phones

With a hosted telephone system, you can reduce, if not eliminate all together:

  • Maintenance charges
  • Hardware costs
  • Support charges
  • On-premise visits and callouts
  • Upgrade costs
  • Line bills
  • And more

As you might imagine, eliminating these telephone costs help reduce you reduce your overheads. Not only that, but VoIP is a more modern, newer technology compared to ISDN. As such, you’ll get many more benefits than just cost saving when you switch your business to VoIP.

4. Check your bill for unused add-ons

Just like unwanted items, add-ons, bolt-ons and other ‘ons’ are often added your bills by large providers. These often include safety assurance features, extra line bolt-ons, and needless services.

It is worth checking your monthly bill from your current provider to find out more about what unused services might be contributing to a higher telecom bill.

Another part of our honest billing promise is only used services. Our customers benefit from one, simple and intuitive bill, with only service they need—and no unexpected bolt-ons. To learn more about our simple billing, get in touch on 03331 301 021.

5. Change your provider

Changing your telephony provider can help you massively reduce your telephone bill. There are so many different solutions on the market that it can be hard to find the right one at the right price.

Our team are here to guide you through the options available to your business, whether you’re looking to upgrade your telephone system, change your mobile provider or move to a new broadband provider, we can help ensure that you’re getting the most from your telephony.

6. Shop around for different tariffs

Business mobiles are an important part of any businesses telecoms environment—and tariff options vary dramatically from network to network.

Many businesses chose to take advantage of features such as shared data, mobile broadband SIMs and dedicated account management.

Business mobile networks
Business mobile networks

As an independent provider, we can shop around for you—finding you the best tariff on the best network for you. Whether you need lots of data, or just calls and texts, let us do the research for you.

7. Move to SIM only deals

SIM only contracts can help reduce your business mobile bill. With device tariffs, you’re paying for the phone over the contract length, and may providers also increase the cost of the phone to add additional profit into these tariff types.

If you have the capital, buying the phones outright is the best option. Our wholesale team can search around with different B2B providers to find you the make/model at the best price. This, coupled with a SIM only tariff, is a great way to keep your monthly running costs low.

8. Switch to a SOGEA Broadband connection

SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is a modern form of broadband connectivity that does away with the line rental. Traditional broadband lines require ‘line rental’—which gives you dial tone on the broadband line. 

However, with SOGEA, you can eliminate this line rental charge and save running costs. SOGEA works best when coupled with VoIP telephone systems, as you can use your SOGEA broadband line to carry both voice and data traffic at once.

9. Convert your telephone system to SIP

SIP stands for session initiation protocol. A lot of businesses may have an existing on-premise business telephone system that they don’t want to migrate away from just yet; and that is where SIP comes in.

SIP allows you to convert your existing ISDN PBX telephone system to a VoIP-powered telephone system. With reduced call charges, lower monthly bills and fewer line charges, your running costs will be reduced when you move your business to SIP.

10. Make sure you know what you’re paying for

Understanding your services is important. Knowing exactly what you’re paying for and what each service is used for within your business allows you to get a better understanding of your bill.

As we said, lots of companies add on additional, useless or unwanted services to your telephone bill. Knowing exactly what you need, and making sure that is all you’re paying for is important-and our billing team are here to ensure that you receive one straightforward monthly bill with only what you need—to eliminate excess charges.

Reducing your business telecoms bill can help you increase profits and ensure that your business is running smoothly. Speak to a member of our team today for a free, no-obligations conversation about how you can reduce your bill and convert to modern technologies.

If you have any questions, or would like some more information about how Bytes Digital can help your business, email hello@bytesdigital.co.uk give us a call on 03331 301 021.

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